Field_Notes -The Heavens 2019


Till bovermann

hosted by Andy Gracie

The Space-Earth-Space group will explore the tangible and conceptual connections and exchanges between Space and Earth in the realms of the physical, the informatic, the phenomenological and the material. How can the theatre of space performance inform our explorations of the Earth? How can we use the Earth to simulate an experience of space? What change in significance happens when something comes from or returns from space? In a series of readings, discussions, observations, and situated experiments we are interested in what kind of material is being exchanged between Earth and Space and how to devise methods on how to track, record or visualise such material and the process of exchange. We are searching for marks which the space environment leaves on the terrestrial environment and look into ways how the terrestrial environment around KilpisjƤrvi can be used as a space analog.

Andy Gracie works across various disciplines including installation, robotics, sound, video and biological practice. This work is situated at a point of separation between the arts and the sciences, creating situations of exchange which allow new understandings and knowledge systems to develop. Much of his work involves reactions to and engagements with the science of astrobiology and other forms of space research; notions of the origins of life coupled with a re-examination of its boundaries. His practice employs scientific theory and practice to question our relationships with exploration and experiment whilst simultaneously bringing into focus the very relationship between art and science, and how new knowledge is culturally assimilated. Much if the work also features an ongoing engagement with semiotics and simulation theory, focusing on the nature of information reception and how that models reactions to environment.