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CRISS-CROSSING ECOLOGIES exhibition at Annantalo. Helsinki
August 20, 2020–January 30, 2021
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Ars Bioarctica residency 2021-2022
Minna Långström & Leah Beeferman: Photosonic Landscapes in Color
on view at SOLU Space until Nov 21
What's New
Criss-Crossing Ecologies
20 Aug 2020 — 30 Jan 2021
Art&science exhibition created in collaboration with Annantalo Arts Centre
Minna Långström & Leah Beeferman: Photosonic Landscapes in Color
16 Oct — 20 Nov 2020
In the exhibition, Långström and Beeferman present new experimental works. They explore images as scientific tools, or as other forms of information, and as physical entities consisting of pixels or pigment grains correlating to a physical object sensitive to light.
Johanna Rotko: Living Images
13 Aug — 13 Sep 2020
Visual artist Johanna Rotko works with living materials, mainly different yeasts. The exhibition features yeastograms - images made with living yeast cells - photographs of Rotko's research, and a video piece introducing her working methods.
Yeastogram workshop with Johanna Rotko
24 Aug 2020 16:00 — 20:00
25 Aug 2020 16:00 — 20:00
27 Aug 2020 16:00 — 20:00
During this three-evening workshop, participants learn how to make yeastograms - living images made with yeast, growth media, UV light and rasterized images - with the guidance of visual artist Johanna Rotko
BioFutures - A physical narrative workshop RESCHEDULED!
The Biofutures workshop by Tina Auer and Tim Boykett of Time’s Up has been rescheduled due to the pandemic. Instead of September 2020, the workshop will take place from June 7-11, 2021. We will reannounce the workshop during the spring 2021. Welcome to investigate possible futures with us... in the future!
13 August 2020
Visiting SOLU Space during the pandemic
We want to make your visit to SOLU Space and our activities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic a good experience. For that we will be taking extra precautions to sustain a healthy and safe environment. 
11 August 2020
Johanna Rotko selected for the Tokyo Art & Science Research Residency
Johanna Rotko is a visual artist working with living materials, mainly with different yeasts. During her residency she will focus on researching colored yeast species that are used in traditional fermentation processes in the Japanese kitchen.
25 June 2020
Annual Report 2019
You can download here our Annual Report 2019
25 June 2020
Fragile Life and Celestial Matter(s)
26 May 2020 18:00 — 20:00
28 May 2020 18:00 — 20:00
With Field_Notes - The Heavens the Bioart Society started to explore the interface between space and earth. Fragile Life and Celestial Matter(s) continues this inquiry with two online panel events bringing together a group of artists and researchers who work on space related issues for many years.
Braiding Friction - a series of online conversations
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and postponed activities, our collaboration project Biofriction is setting up a a series of online conversations to instigate an informed discussion on current situation and possible scenarios.
30 April 2020
Talking About "Living Things"
11 Mar 2020 19:00 — 21:00
How to represent life-material and bodies of living beings and at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of objectification? Join us for an open conversation with Bartaku (artist, FI/BE), Björn Kröger (paleontologist, FI/DE), Marietta Radomska (philosopherFI/SE/PL) and Mari Keski-Korsu (artist, FI)!
Book launch - Art As We Don't Know It
5 Mar 2020 14:00 — 19:00
Welcome to celebrate the launch of Art as We Don’t Know It, a new book showcasing art and research that has grown and flourished within the wider network of both the Bioart Society and Biofilia during the previous decade.