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What's New
2 — 3 Nov 2023
Open call for 3D exploration workshop with José Cano at SOLU Space on 2–3 November 2023. Deadline for applications 8th October.
Do Trees Dream of CO₂ at SOLU Space
18 Oct 2023 18:00 — 20:00
Do Trees Dream of CO₂ collective has been developing technology and artistic expressions to facilitate interspecies dialogues between humans and trees for two years. They will present their work at SOLU Space.
Field_Notes – The North Escaping starts on Sunday
Field_Notes – The North Escaping groups include professionals and practitioners from various backgrounds, who will travel to Kilpisjärvi for two-weeks of intense field work. The groups are hosted by Erich Berger, Till Bovermann and Elizabeth McTernan.
12 September 2023
Between Sferics and Rust. On the Erratic State of Being Grounded and Dissolved through Listening
Jacek Smolicki spent two weeks at Kilpisjärvi Biological Station within the North Escaping residency. During his stay, he engaged in a series of listening excursions, soundwalks and field recording sessions exploring past, present and future soundscapes of this unique environment.
Guest post | Jacek Smolicki | 5 September 2023
Bioart Society is looking for interns
We are looking for interns to join our small team of four for autumn, spring and early summer.
4 September 2023
Antti Tenetz selected for the Tokyo & Art Science Research Residency
Antti Tenetz is a visual artist situated at the interface between media and arts, biological art and urban art. During his residency in Japan, Tenetz will explore symbiotic, other-than-human relationships.
30 August 2023
Brewing tea and conversations – Night of the Arts at SOLU Space
17 — 18 Aug 2023
Come and make tea with us! Paulina Gretkierewicz and Aga Pokrywka host the Night of the Arts at the new SOLU Space.
Changes in the Bioart Society staff
Yvonne Billimore joins the Bioart Society as the new Artistic Director whilst our long-term senior producer Piritta Puhto starts as our new Managing Director.
7 August 2023
Cybryonts and bipolar mosses at Kilpisjärvi
The Critical Garden Collective spent two weeks in residency at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station searching for bipolar mosses and working with hybrid creatures, named Cybryonts.
3 August 2023
Maa: porosity, permeability, filtering, enmeshment, darkness, energy and communication
Aino Johansson spent three weeks in Ars Bioarctica residency working on her soil and forest related projects with chromatographies, butoh dance, forest mapping, activism and environmental education.
Guest post | Aino Johansson | 3 July 2023
State of the Art – Elements for Critical Thinking and Doing
21 Jun 2023 17:00 — 23:55
State of the Art – Elements for Critical Thinking and Doing publication wraps up a multi-year collaboration project under the same name. The publication takes a closer look at how we as practising artists, researchers and cultural actors can create elements for critical thinking and doing which can assist us in navigating the complexities of the present
Rewilding Cultures Mobility Conversation Selections Made
The Rewilding Cultures network partners issued 8 grants to support mobility, projects and experiments which conribute to the rethinking of mobility and cultural exchange in novel ways.
16 June 2023