Full Moon Presence workshop with the Independent AIR

17 May — 30 Jun 2021


Full Moon Presence workshop 
with the Independent AIR
May-June, 2021

In this workshop we will begin to move into a space where we can sense and subsequently remember and express the contact to, the voice from and the entanglement with the more-than-human and the natural surroundings. The workshop will take place in a spot or an area in nature where each participant has chosen to stay and be present at the Full Moon day/night 26 - 27 May simultaneously in each country. The full Moon night is chosen because of the influence of the lunar phases on the ecosystems and its beings, as expressed in different cultural and indigenous rituals related to the Full Moon.
Each participant will carefully select a special spot or area in nature in their country where they can stay or wander undisturbed, and preferably stay overnight and awake if possible.
The task is to open the senses and intuition and listen to what this place will tell and then collect material to interpret/express the experience and the voice of the place.
There are no requirements for which type of material should be collected. It can be everything from sound, pictures, colors, poetry, video, movements, scientific details of the species at the spot, physical things, the geological history of the spot or something entirely else, as long as it corresponds with the participants experience and the voice of the place and can be shared in a digital form.

The workshop will be documented, and the photos will be shared later on this page. Welcome back!

Photo by Line Thastum