DoItYourself microscopy and urban micro ecology workshop

18 April, 2012

Helsinki, Finland

This workshop was held by the Finnish Society of Bioart together with Helsinki University Centre for Environment – HENVI, in the context of the HENVI Science Days. Leading a group of 15 participants, the teachers were from both the Finnish Society of Bioart and the University of Helsinki. As a starting point were questions such as: “What is hidden in your tap water, lake and sea water, or the puddle of water on the street?”,Have you ever wondered if and what kind of microscopic life is in the waters around you but did not have a microscope at hand?” In this DIY microscopy workshop participants built a simple USB microscope for their laptop out of a basic USB webcam to explore the microscopic world of the immediate environment.

Led by Antti Tenetz, Laura Beloff, Erich Berger, Laura Forsström, Jenni Korhonen, Pauliina Lankinen and Janna Pietikäinen