Art&HENVI 2011 - 2012

Yesterday 5.3.2012 a visit to hydrology-stations
posted by laura on 7 March 2012

Me (Laura Beloff) Ursula Damm (artist from Berlin), Vesa Yli-Pelkonen ja Maija Taka visited 3 hydrology stations, which are measuring and analyzing the storm waters in 3 areas of Helsinki; Veräjämäki, Pihlajamäki ja Pasila. Some of the data are delivered in real-time (which we saw on Maija's computer) and some are sent for laboratory analysis. It was a beautiful day and interesting trip. Not much stormwater to be seen as the temperatures were below zero...

Stormwater is water that originates during precipitation events. It may also be used to apply to water that originates with snowmelt that enters the stormwater system. Stormwater that does not soak into the ground becomes surface runoff,which either flows directly into surface waterways or is channeled into storm sewers, which eventually discharge to surface waters. Stormwater is of concern for two main issues: one related to the volume and timing of runoff water (flood control and water supplies) and the other related to potential contaminants that the water is carrying, i.e. water pollution. Stormwater is also a resource and ever growing in importance as the world's human population demand exceeds the availability of readily available water. Techniques of stormwater harvesting with point source water management and purification that can potentially make urban environments self sustaining in terms of water.