Art&HENVI 2011 - 2012

PRIMA MATERIA - opening pictures
Here pictures from our opening on the 22nd of November. More about the exhibition PRIMA MATERIA

All images by Till Bovermann...
The Provenience of Seawater
Have you ever thought that the water in the Baltic Sea has a history? The dissolved organic matter (DOM) can be tracked down to soil particles that...
Art is failing
A friend of mine, Kirsi, told me about Swedish tradition of white rhubarb. Apparently, the rhubarb is covered from sun and for that it grows white....
What’s going on under water?

Since spring 2012,there is a water quality monitoring device on Harakka Island, near the place where most of my water samples for the “Soups of...
Clear Stock from Källskär

A Soup of the Day (Tuesday 12.6.2012) was prepared on Källskär – an Island in the Finnish outer archipelago in Åland. The water looked extremely...
Cooking the Baltic Sea – Soup of the Day

Ihave started my work in the Baltic Sea/MultiDOM -group with a series of experiments studying the colour of the sea. The colour of the water is...
Choises in forest or elsewhere
I've been having a pleasure to learn more about the research HENVI Forest is conducting in Department of Forest Sciences. Principal investigator...
Yesterday 5.3.2012 a visit to hydrology-stations
Me (Laura Beloff) Ursula Damm (artist from Berlin), Vesa Yli-Pelkonen ja Maija Taka visited 3 hydrology stations, which are measuring and analyzing...
urban green
Still in Berlin. As I am living at the former border between east and west,I could experience, how the urban wasteland around my appartment was...
Multidom and tea

I have almost finished my ”touring” inside the HENVI Multidom project.
In January I have met:

11.1.2012 Professor Sakari Kuikka & PhD...