Art&HENVI 2011 - 2012

What’s going on under water?
posted by tuula on 9 August 2012

Since spring 2012, there is a water quality monitoring device on Harakka Island, near the place where most of my water samples for the “Soups of the Day” and the “Stock Cubes” are taken. The instrument measures the salinity, temperature and turbidity levels of sea water. Not exactly dissolved organic matter (DOM) research but still related to it. Around the island Harakka the quality of water is greatly influenced by changes in discharge of river Vantaa.
I was in contact with the researcher Emil Vahtera from Helsinki Environment Centre. He promised that I could use the data from the device in order to produce lists of ingredients to be attached to my soups and stock cubes. The instrument takes measurements every 15 minutes and a statistics of the results is available online as well.

This is how the instrument looks like. From above and under water.