Art and HENVI

01 January, 2011

Helsinki, Finland

Art&HENVI was organised by the Finnish Society of Bioart in collaboration with the Helsinki University Centre for Environmental Research (HENVI) in the context of World Design Capital (WDC) Helsinki 2012. Art&HENVI enabled 3 artists to attach themselves to and collaborate for approximately 1 year with new HENVI research programmes:


  • Forest and Climate Change: Optimising forest management and conservation to account for multiple interactions with the climate

  • Enhancing Sustainable Urban Development through Ecosystem Services – ENSURE

  • MULTIDOM: Multidisciplinary assessment of the role of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the environmental status of the Baltic Sea


The result of the collaboration was to be an artwork which would be first presented during the Helsinki University programme for WDC Helsinki 2012. The projects were to experimentally or critically engage with the thematics and/or science of the HENVI research programmes. The main emphasis was to create artworks communicating about environmental research and its topics.


The jury consisting of Kaisa Korhonen Kurki, Anu Osva Antti Tenetz, Susanne Jaschko selected:

Tuula Närhinen (FI), Laura Beloff (FI), Mari Keski-Korsu (FI), Ursula Damm (DE)