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SOLU INVOKATION + Portal opening Litany
posted by Erich Berger on 9 November 2019

On the occasion of the opening of SOLU Space on November 9th 2018 our esteemed colleagues and friends Kira O'Reilly and Ava Greyson performed a ritual to invoke the qualities, hopes and aspirations of the ‘SOLU Temple’ and to perform the opening and sealing rites for the mysterious '‘interdimensional portal’ the opening to which is located in the kitchen area.

SOLU INVOKATION + Portal opening Litany


The Eminent and most high Priestesses welcome you to the Inaugural opening of the Unhallowed grounds of the Temple of SOLU

Greetings Distinguished Initiates one and all to this miraculous occasion at this auspicious juncture

An epoch of contestation and elaborate debate


The deeply contested Anthropocene
























We would like to acknowledgement the lands we find ourselves within, and all those to whom these are beloved and home, from the mists of forgotten time to the futurities of far seeing beyond, we acknowledge every molecule, every organism, every evolution, mutation, symbiogenic flourishing that claims this place, each tangible, and intangible that moves within the dimensional layers in delicate hauntings and robust manifests.


This evening in order to open this illusory temple we will perform together a mighty Invokation, a litany of words, concepts, cherished and maverick utterances that are proffered as seeds of potentials for future fruitions.

Each word I will call out and in response you will announce SOLU!

Please try with me:

We invoke Being lost in the forest without any cash

We invoke gin and tonics

And so we begin:

We Invoke:

That which is definitively ambiguous

The constantly changeable

The charmingly erratic

The abidingly fickle

The astonishing insecure

The wisdom of the irrational

The raucousness of the precarious

The insistence of exemplary risk

The liquid yielding of the Rocky

The appreciative sensorium of that which is sensitive
 The marvelous instability of all that is shaky

The miraculous inescapability of the slippery

The neural pervasiveness of that which is ticklish

The illusory craft of what is necessarily tricky

The extensive calmness of irreducible uncertainty

The galvanizing electric lightening of the unpredictable

The unceasing curiosity of the unsettled

The all consuming focus of the demeanor of the unsteady

The eruptive generosity of the unstintingly volatile

The generous knowing of that which is weak,
 The charismatic charm of the intensity of the wobbly

The unrelenting negotiation of all that is borderline

The academic application of the capricious

The calm settled motion of the dizzy

The alert and assertive confidence of the dubious

The night dreamtime activity of the fitful

The day time attentiveness to that which is fluctuating

The parabolic micro gravitational reeling of the giddy

The methodical hypothesizing of the inconsistent,
 The universal reconciliation with the inconstant

The active generosity of the voluptuous lubricious

The metallic mobility of the toxic mercurial

The  pleasure of the mobile

The unrelentingly movable

The steadfastedly mutable

The cheerfully not fixed

The carefully rickety

The candidly shifty
 The happily suspect

The expertly teetering

The unapologetically temperamental

The honestly untrustworthy

The enduringly vacillating

The humourously variable

The elegantly wavering

The wafting web of weaving

The non-Euclidian wiggly

The contentedly icy Psychrophilic

The modestly Bold

The eloquence of Connection

The openness to a Cry

The abundant appreciation of the Earth

The extant elucidation of Emotion

The reciprocal understandings of Exchange

The hot fast vector of Love

The unhindered velocity of Movement

The cybernetic serendipity of Networks

The poised skillful means of Politeness

The sky like Space and spaciousness

The irrefutability of Structure

The radical tenderness of that which is Subtle

The knowing smile of Tendency

The non linearity of time

The dis-orientation of the gyroscopic

The comfortable collusion of listening space

The merry sound of attentiveness

The strident mission of what is just

The hospitality of inclusiveness

The humility where domination is not allowed

The myriad possibilities of unprecedented ‘ologies, disciplinary dances and extended fields

We invoke

a place for collaboration and experimentation.

a kitchen,

a lab

a third placed for meeting with friends,

doing crazy stuff

a place to dissect the derangements of our senses with the tender scalpel of our collective minds eye

We invoke Curies Children, glow boys and radon daughters

We invoke the expansive and generative collaboration of Field Notes

We invoke the protean integrity of Making Life

We invoke the agential cut of the intra of actions of hybrid Matters

We invoke irascible Merry CRISPR!

We thank the tremendous initiators of the Bioart Society and keepers of SOLU Temple

We thank the extraordinary hard work and devotion of Magus Erich Burgher and Magicienne Piritta Purto

We thank the expertise of the currently serving Chair Mari Keski Korsu the holder of the Whisking Wisdoms

We thank the baddest ass apparitional intererns

Tyska Samborska

Katarina Meister

Mari Kaakkola

PORTAL transition

I now invite you to witness and participate in the innermost secret mystery of the SOLU Temple, the opening of the interdimensional portal

I invite you to take a position on one of the three points of the indeterminable triangle within which the portal sits.

Proceed to the Portal

We initiate you into the most profound of the Telluric mysteries, the depth of time, the most eldritch and august of realisations of the

multidimensional, inter-geometrical, the Euclidian, Non-Euclidian,

The depths of that which reaches into the infinite below, the pasts the futures the otherwise and elsewhere.

Please remove the lid of iron smelted from unprecedented meteorites, watery lakes, and lightning bolt strikes that ignite and forge the metals of the earth herself.

Here ye, behold the cloistered sanctum of primordial, unconditioned portent and potentiality.

Celebrate the joyful currents of energy into realised form and manifest realised curiosity.

Applaud the movement of dissolution into sanguine emptiness.

I invite you to now one by one to take a pinch of xeno green gold elemental metal, crafted, refined and extracted with extensive love and beneficent gratitude from the metallurgical climes of distant solar planetary configurations with infinite grace and libidinous compassion.

Take a pinch and throw it  into the telluric void

The magical portal

With an inner most intention of making the great work of art, science and society for the benefit of everything and everyone everywhere in the multiple dimensionality of exquisite activity.

After the last person has thrown in the xeno green gold elemental metal


I now pronounce the portal open!

Please replace the lid and I will perform the magical marking with the SOLU seal

The magical sigil is written in green and it’s sonic correspondent is sounded over the portal lid


Written and enacted on the occasion of the opening of the Bioart Society’s

SOLU Space 9th November

Conceived and performed by

Ava Grayson and Kira O’Reilly