SOLU ongoing

SOLU exhibitions

Exhibition programme at Bioart Society's SOLU Space 2019–2022.


with works by Emilia Tikka, Oula A Valkeapää, and Leena Valkeapää
Aug 18–Sep 8, 2022

m/other becomings II
with works by Marta de Menezes, Pekko Vasantola, and Margherita Pevere
Jun 9–30, 2022

m/other becomings I
with works by Riina Hannula, Lyndsey Walsh, and Rian Ciela Hammond
May 5–28, 2022


High Altitude Bioprospecting (HAB): Atmospheric Encounters
with works by Till Bovermann, Anna Dumitriu, Melissa Grant, Hannah Imlach, Alex May, Oliver de Peyer, Heidi Pietarinen, Noora Sandgren, Paul Shepherd, and Anne Yoncha
Oct 8–Nov 20, 2021

Quimera Rosa: Trans*Plant: May the Chlorophyll be with/in you
Sep 2–25, 2021

with works by Kira O'Reilly and Laura Beloff
June 2–3, 2021

Maija Annikki Savolainen: /d a t a c e n t r e
in collaboration with Yvonne Billimore & Otso Havanto
Jan 13–Feb 20, 2021


Minna Långström & Leah Beeferman: Photosonic Landscapes in Color
Oct 16–Nov 16, 2020

Johanna Rotko: Living Images
Aug 13–Sep 13, 2020


Time and River Are Alike
with works by Leena and Oula A. Valkeapää, Tarja Tella, Silvia Ploner and Nicolas Perret, and Alice Smits 
Dec 12, 2019–Jan 31, 2020

Christina Stadlbauer: Narratives of Imperfection
Nov 8–30, 2019

Bartaku: Leaky Light
Aug 30–Sep 26, 2019

Anu Osva: Kanssakulkijat / Co-Travellers
April 12–May 12, 2019

Guy Ben-Ary and Nathan Thompson: In Vitro Agencies
March 22–31, 2019

Pia Lindman: Subsensorial XYZ
Feb 28–March 13, 2019