m/other becomings 2021–2022

m/other becomings: OPEN CALL for artwork production
posted by Lisa Kalkowski on 25 April 2021

The call is searching for artwork production proposals that explore reproductive futures and how life sciences transform and challenge our ideas and possibilities of reproduction and the maternal. The final work will be included in the  m/other becomings exhibition during spring 2022 in Helsinki.

We accept both, new proposals or projects in the making to be finalized or developed further.

We are looking for projects which take a closer look at the im/possibilities of mothering, not as an essence, but as troubled practice and as a modest, utopian, and oftentimes exhausted precursor of hope. We want to ask what it means - and may come to mean - to make, to mend, to make space for kin in spite of and against the social reproduction of sameness and compliance, and the (bio)politics of gendered and racialized violence. 

Application deadline April, 30th 2021

Read more and apply here.