Women´s day walk
posted by rr on 8 March 2010

Since our condition as women are still terrible I decided to take a walk in the middle of the snowstorm as a metaphor for our lives ;) . The wind is the only thing that bothers me because of the camera, but my wide angle lenses are not that great and if I have to change them after the time I spend here, no biggie.When I took the road I found this: Can you see anything? Me neither, that´s a problem when you´re walking. But I decided to go on. In a 90 inhabitants village is easy to meet people. I´ve been meeting the same people since the first time I was going to the cafes around here (3 times). Beside they told me they are almost all related. Most of them love to talk and get to know you. Some give you that "what are you doing here" look, which is the same look I´ll be giving people after I leave Kilpis. I understand them, being alone is really addictive and once you are (I mean really alone), you feel so free and invisible, that you don´t want to loose it by having people coming over. This landscape is better if there´s no one there: Trees Last Saturday I was invited to a local party and could talk to a lot of people. I don´t know if it was the Saturday night spirit, but people were super friendly and groups from different ages all went together to the same places and we were talking and having fun until the morning.  But now I´m back to work and my first readings have been about the Saami houses...to be continued.