Site-Specific Listening:Tarot of Lapland
I came to the residency with absolutely no idea on what to do during the two weeks. My baggage was lost by the airline and I had very limited...
Alessandro Perini | 19 September 2018
Popu Popu: Power to the Populations
Adam Zaretsky, Helen Chandler, Blu Zaretsky, Kira deCoudres, Hege Tapio and Marita Isobel Solberg July 2-20, 2018 Popu popu collective brings...
Adam Zaretsky | 20 July 2018
Arizona State University BioArt Course: from the Sonoran Desert to the Arctic
The science and art students from Arizona State University had a wonderful and productive visit to Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in June. The...
Becky Ball | 17 July 2018
In Between, in Kilpisjärvi
In Between, in Kilpisjärvi In flamenco, the dancer is torn between the sky and the ground: the earth pulls you down and you stomp and struggle...
Tiina Prittinen | 12 May 2018
Typologies of Scale
Typologies of Scale by Tobias Feltus| 6th-20th July 2017
I didn’t know what to expect, what I discovered was great contrast in scale, between...
Lauren Hayes | 28 April 2018
Katoava kalotti - Kilpisjärven Residenssissä
Työryhmä Kilpisjärvellä: Satu Tuittila, koreografi TiinaVainio, kuvataiteilija Janne Kilpiö ja Sofia Koittola, tanssijat Residenssimatkan tarkoitus...
Satu Tuittila | 9 April 2018
Sounding Out Spaces: SAANA & KITSIPUTOUS
Lauren Sarah Hayes: site-responsive sonic art | Tobias Feltus: micro & macro imagery |6th-20th July 2017 Sounding Out Spacesis an ongoing...
Lauren Hayes | 3 March 2018
Atmospheric imaginaries: science, infrastructure and biopoetics of arctic phenomena /winter fieldwork/
A collaboration between visual artist Hanna Husberg and environmental scientist Agata Marzecova. A year before the nation’s independence Malla...
Agata Marzecova | 24 January 2018
Autumn Residency at Kilpisjärvi
It changes very quickly here – overnight the snow can come and then it is Winter. That is what Oula Valkeapää mentioned when I arrived and we had...
Christina Stadlbauer | 4 December 2017
Discussing (changes) with reindeers
The residency was an opportunity for me to finally visit the fantastic place I've missed too many times within Bioart Society activities and it...
Mari Keski-Korsu | 7 November 2017
Beyond IohT, Mossphone in the Artic
Mosses are tiny organisms with slow temporalities of growth which can decipher the secrets of life on Earth. They pioneer the land when glaciers...
Vanessa Lorenzo Toquero | 10 October 2017
Ars Bioarctica field report #1 - Soichiro Mihara (JP)
Ars Bioarctica field report #1 - Soichiro Mihara (JP) Please, join us for an artist talk by Japanese artist Soichiro Mihara in our new series of...
Erich Berger | 10 October 2017