posted by rupert on 14 June 2016

my kilpisjärvi piano piece an open structure in three connected parts construction,  parameters and all other necessary information result of three parts of the landscape, three places. they are connected, in all the places the tones b, c# and d are the main tones and the base of the melody/modus/joik of the place. the other tones, the use of pedal, and the functions and patterns/rhytmical and funtional structures are read out of the landscape.   the first place, on the way from kiekula to saana mountain, at a crossing of paths in the wood: b   the second place,69•3´32´´North, 20•48´19´´ East. basic tone: c# (the little stone on the stone symbolizes the c#, half a tone higher than the c note)   the third place, 69•3´36´´N, 20•48´11´´East. Basic tone: d   the way from place 1 to place 2 is about double the way from  place 2 to place 3, meaning a whole tone, b to c#. the way from 2 to 3 equals half a tone, from c# to d.   the dimensions of the very place will help find me other tones, like f.e. in place 3 f#,g,e, and e#. the colours symbolize the funtion of the tones and the rhytmical expression: red/right hand, very high, soft in tone, fast up and down. blue: left hand, slow and in equal steps (1/8 notes). green: both hands, emotional expressive, focus on chords. yellow: very low volume, whole scale, „around“ the other tones and actions, use of pedal .