Cyanotype_ UV-light tracking #2
posted by carolin on 2 July 2016

#6 Using the station’s UV Spectrophotometer, UV-120-02, Shimadzu I regard the absorbance spectrum of the cyanotype dye. I compare the absorbance value of the dye unexposed and exposed (30min) with no significant results. I assume the chosen duration was too short to state a difference in the absorption rate of the dye. The absorption spectrum peaks around 400 nm. The result corresponds to other measurements made (4). According to Mike Ware, the located peaks of the cyanotype-spectrum (400nm and 700nm) are connected to change transfers, a configuration change (400nm) and an energy change (700nm). _________________________________________________________________________ (4)Mike Ware see post #2 (1) p.218-222

(The spectrophotometer and I did not see the the peak at 700nm)

I stop working due to a black out at the station.


results feel like a dead end.                                28.06.16