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posted by carolin on 25 June 2016

#1     open office landscape                                                                                                                                                                                                  The initial intention which brought be up north, was to use the possibilities of the biological station and to work with the light condition of the Arctic summer. open ≠ office ≠landscape Being here, I experience a contrariety between actions and thoughts depending on being in the landscape or at the station.   (x) outside I feel the necessity to move.


quiet indigo falls without gravity.                        25.06.16

* a thought start with a stone. *here                      25.06.16

lost scale of distances                                            25.06.16

(cyanotype on-site records light. 25.06.16, near Saanajärvi) (cyanotype on cotton 150x210 cm)     ( )x  inside I feel detached. remembering the walk, I feel like an intruder.  


           conversations absorbs transmittance rate                      28.06.16

nature embarrasses me.                                                      28.06.16