posted by lena on 13 December 2015

Last entry in the biological station. One can only  really surrender to the ecstasis of the natural when the only mediation are the clothes one is wearing, no other technology in between. Then, the achievement of consciousness becomes a possibility. It is not an easy price to pay. Edvard and I tried to get to the three borders but the snow was too high. My Whistler Radio recorded the highest level of  low frequency or VLF electromagnetic waves. These images synthesize the experience. The second one is Edu's. ..... In the beginning of this residency, I was alone in the station for a week and I very much enjoyed the time for myself. After that, I met really good friends. Today the have left.  Now being alone is not the same. People above all, are the best brain food. Kilpisjärvi 120515 [gallery] I THINK WERE ALONE NOW