State of the Art Network 2020–2023

Veronika Geiger / Artist

Veronika Geiger is a Danish/Swiss artist educated from Iceland University of the Arts (2016) and Glasgow School of Art (2012). She has an interest in landscape, time and places we occupy and inhabit. These interests naturally led her to geology and she has participated in expeditions with geologists and biologists to Holuhraun, Iceland (2016 and 2017) and Etna, Sicily (2018). Her work is rooted in the medium of photography and she has a keen interest in understanding and investigating the fundamentals of the medium as well as the fundamentals of the earth under our feet. Recent projects include sculptural works, eg. Plastiglomerate, a collaboration with The Technical University in Denmark about sustainable recycling of plastic. Another recent video project entitled Field Work is an investigation into big lava landscapes seen through the eyes of an artist, a geologist and a microbiologist. She has exhibited internationally in Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, UK, US, Mexico, Latvia, Russia and China.