State of the Art Network 2020–2023


Maajaam is an artist and family run art space in an old farm in the countryside of Southern Estonia. We are concentrated on researching of, experimenting with and reflecting on the relationships between people, technology and nature. Substituting the urban environment with a hilly rural landscape allows us to observe technology in it’s pure form. Mixing the past technological wonders of the historical farm with present day hi-tech offers us a shift in perspective. This perspective is projected through the prism of art.

Maajaam is operated by artist Timo Toots and his family. The topics under investigation are closely related to his own artistic practice. His previous works are visible at

The word Maajaam means “earth station" in Estonian.

Maajaam was founded in 2013 and since then is in constant development process. We have built a small studio for creating technological art works. In the future we are planning to create more residency possibilities and outdoor exhibition areas. We are looking forward to collaborate with other artist and institutions.