State of the Art Network 2020–2023

Janna Holmstedt / The Posthumanities Hub, National Historical Museums in Sweden

Janna Holmstedt, PhD, is a transdisciplinary artist, currently heading the four-year art and research project Humus economicus: Soil Blindness and the Value of “Dirt” in Urbanized Landscapes. She is working in the feminist posthumanities vein of critical and creative inquiry and investigates listening as a situated practice, the cultivation of care and environmental attention, and composition in the expanded field of genre-disobedient art practices. She runs the art and research collective (P)Art of the Biomass with Malin Lobell, and is part of the research group The Posthumanities Hub.

Website for the research project Humus economicus :
The Posthumanities Hub :

Photo: Jacek Smolicki