State of the Art Network 2020–2023

Hege Tapio / NOBA — Norwegian Bioart Arena

Since 2001 her practice as artist and curator has pursued the interest in emerging media interconnecting art, new technology and science.

Her work “Humanfuel” has been exhibited in the HYBRID MATTER - a Nordic art & science network program 2016, and presented at the International Symposium ISEA in Hong Kong 2016. Her work has also been exhibited in the "Body Esc" exhibition at the National Gallery of Corfu in 2017 and the exhibition “This Mess We`re In” Perth, Australia 2018, where she also presented at the “Quite Frankly” conference. In 2020 she launched her work “Humanoil” at the Keplers Garden platform of Ars Electronica. Tapio is the founder and director of i/o/lab - Center for Future Art where she established and curated Article biennial - a festival for the electronic and unstable art, launched in 2006/2008/2010/2012/2015/2016 in Stavanger.

Art driven by curiosity, knowledge, ability to convey and contextualize aspects of technology and research, both through speculation and critical attitude, have been the basis for many of the projects. She is currently involved as curator in the research project Caring futures: developing new care ethics for technology-mediated care practices (QUALITECH) at the University of Stavanger. She is also engaged as Guest Artist / Guest Curator and currently part of the team of NOBA -Norwegian Bioart Arena, developing and programming the Norwegian hub for Bioart located at Vitenparken by Campus Ås. Tapio is pursuing her artistic research as Phd fellow at FeLT, Futures of Living Technologies at OsloMet.

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