Lauri Anttila

Lauri Anttila
Homage to Werner Holmberg

installation with photographs, drawings, text, books. dried plants, diary

A number of Lauri Anttila’s works point at scientific activities and make use of scientific instruments in diverse ways. An excellent example of this is an Hommage à Holmberg (Kunnianosoitus Holmbergille), which is regarded as one of his main works. Hommage à Holmberg is a showcase that embarks on dialogue with natural sciences. It combines themes, methods and media familiar to Anttila. As the title of the work already indicates, it is simultaneously a tribute to the Finnish painter Werner Holmberg (1830-1860). Anttila has said that Holmberg led him to “look at painting with totally different eyes”. Travelling in Holmbergian landscapes woke him up to understand that Holmberg’s paintings are not “products of pure imagination and tradition,” but that there was something concrete behind them (TARJA KNUUTTILA AND HANNA JOHANSSON in ).

For Lauri Anttila (FI) the foundation of art is the observation. He studies the diversity and similarity between the methods of discovery of science and art. As a means of expression, he uses sculpture, photography, texts, drawings and installations. Many of his works are based on hikes and often his work is based on works by other artists, writers, composers or researchers.