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subsensorialXYZ journal #Hypnosis 09.03.19 PART 2/FIRST SCENE
posted by Pia Lindman on 11 March 2019

Transcript Hypnosis 09.03.2019
Hypnotist: Marina Kronkvist
Client: Pia Lindman
Location: Bed room in SOLU space, Bioartsociety

PART 2/First Scene
Marina guides Pia into a deep state of hypnosis. This state is similar or equal to wake dream, or an alpha or theta state of mind.

Once Pia is deep in her state of hypnosis, Marina asks Pia’s sub-conscious to take Pia back or forth, any direction, into a situation/event where there is information of the root causes and that we need in order to understand what is the purpose of Pia’s sensitivity to air, space, and substances in air and space. As Pia transfers in her mind to relocate in an event, her system transforms to be prepared and able to receive this information.


Marina snaps her fingers at zero (transformation starts from 5) and asks Pia:

Where are you?

Are you inside or outside?

Pia says something inaudible

Marina repeats Pia’s words:
You are underground?

How old are you?
What gives you any sensations?

Feels like it burns here (she brushes the fronts of her arms). But it is not fire, but something that grows out and up (shows with fingers something rising up from the fronts of her arms), something dark, dark brown. And in the back it feels like something cold, white blue. I feel like I consist of only three pegs, like this (shows with hands). Three legs (or bones).

How old are you?

And then I feel like something burning and growing from here (shows her abdomen). But I feel all the time, that I am underground. It is really good to be there. But I am like zero and two hundred years.

It felt a little mean at first, the burning, but now it does not feel so bad anymore.

What does this have to do with your sensitivity?

Pia (rubs her upper lip)
Burns here, itches

I am simply something growing underground.

If I think that I am growing underground it feels less dangerous.

It feels better. If I think that I am in the womb, it feels more dangerous.

Why does it feel more dangerous to be in the womb?

It seems like I have to be responsible. And that things might happen. Things that I cannot affect. If I am underground, things just grow and I don’t have to worry about anything.

But what felt mean underground was that I am simply in pieces.

…but when I am in the womb, ….

(Pia draws a deep sigh)

now I feel that cold, on the left side of the spine…

(Pia moves to adjust the back in pain)

If I ask what age are you in the womb…

(Pia moves her hands, winking with her wrists)

…your subconscious will answer…?

(Pia is not interested, laughs about her wrists)

Or is there something else that wants to be expressed?

Pia (laughs)
I don’t know, but at least now, the growing has ended. Now I am definitely no longer underground.

Marina tries to formulate another question.
Pia starts laughing even more.
Pia crosses here arms over her chest and mimics a stern character, like an angry mother:
Marina and Pia both laugh

Well, so!
Yes, yes!
I am in the womb now.

Pia moves convulsively, her hands crossed over her belly. She pulls her knees up, and wriggles her body sideways.

And how many weeks from conception are you?

Three weeks

Now I see other colors. Previously, there has been only blue and brown, but now I see red and orange. Almost like a shrimp (shows the curve of a shrimp’s body with her hands).


Does it feel threatening?

No, I am angry! Irritated!
At the same time as I am like: “Yeah yeah, whatever….”


I do not feel threatened, but I am angry, frustrated

…”I am angry and frustrated because…”

…Because: ”Here we go again”!
That here I have to, again (shows with her hands a movement that resembles something like she was placing heavy logs in a pile with her fists) keep building and building. And there is so much hassle, stress, and unnecessary stuff… fixed ideas. The most important thing that is happening: building up my spine and my organism… and all the while there is so much crap around me. There is so much unnecessary squabble. Unnecessary things.

If I have to come from the underground, return back into this system, I would prefer to be able to work in piece.

(Deep sigh from Pia)

It feels like the few first weeks were much worse, but after that I said three weeks, it got a little better.

so, the burning and your mother…
you hear a lot of squabble…

Yes, I do. It is like… things are not right. Squabble, like unnecessary stress factors.

Do you feel like you are being supported?

No. (Laughing) I feel like I alone am responsible.
(Laughs and pounds her fists on the bed)
I am like: “Shit, nobody here understands how this is supposed to go. As always, I have to do it all by myself”


Pia continues laughing and demonstrates with her entire body how she feels like she has to run in circles.  

“And nobody notices what is happening”

I do not feel any burning sensation anymore. Doing that movement made me feel better. Even the left hand foot and toes that are usually cold, feel warm now. And the tension on my chest is off.

Pia (lifting her right hand and pulling toward herself)
I would need some right kind on nourishment.
(waving her left hand) … and a bag of clean water. So that what is around me is clean… toward the skin.

And then this squabbling… (starts laughing again) has to stop (waving her left hand vigorously)!

What is this squabbling, is that your mother’s emotions, or?

Yes, I believe so. It is this darned anxious bla bla, yapping, all kinds of stuff. Anxiety.
(Pia lifts her right hand toward her right temple and demonstrates the sense of anxiety she sees by wagging the hand and making a yapping noise.)


Marina (snapping her fingers)
Now you will hear what is being said.
Your ears will pick up exactly what is being said.

She is talking to my grand mother.

…and she says…

There comes no words to me

after awhile, Pia

There comes a lot of no, no, no, no no

Do you feel welcomed? Are you wished-for?

I don’t now. I started to actually think that was it so?
It sounded like my mother said things (squabble), but she did not mean it. And then I hear this no, no, no, no… The squabble was not important, she used it to conceal. And then there is the no, no, no, no.
She was not ready.
She was not ready for this.

She was simply not prepared to have one more.

How does this make you feel?

It is not easy to feel this.
It is almost impossible to think it.
It is like… I should have stayed underground.
Now I understand why I was angry and frustrated. Like: “Oh, she was not prepared, no wonder it was so difficult to get in here.”

So difficult, to take care of everything by myself…

Is this why I laugh, and have an attitude of almost sarcasm, and this feeling like: naturally, I have to take care of everything on my own… is this something I have always had in me? Like I had never even assumed that there would be something like love in here and all I feel is frustration when I have to leave the underground again?

But on the other hand, maybe I am simply tired of feeling unwelcome.

I am tired of feeling unwelcome.

I am trying to sink into this feeling, and I feel it all the way down here (shows her lower abdomen). Then I get this: You should not feel it. No. And it stops right here.

And then it feels like it cuts off… so that I cannot enter in here (shows lower abdomen and pelvic area). Then it feels like a cold line across my hips. I need more covers now. I feel the cold in my Sacrum.

(Marina puts more covers on Pia.)

The body goes cold.

We have now received quite a bit of good information from this part. We are not going to leave her alone in the womb, but we will take a pause for a short while.  

I want to add one more thing: It feels like after this, I decided to take it really slowly and calmly. I put myself in a cocoon and decided not to expect anything. I encapsulated myself.

Where is the encapsulation?

I feel it here in my heart, but I actually see myself entirely encapsulated.

Now I promise myself a lot of good coffee and nougat once we are done.