MAKING_LIFE 2014 - 2015

Synthetic Biology Tools
posted by sarah on 18 February 2016

The day ended with a talk by Helena Shomar, on how she is using such tools in her scientist real life!

She mentioned amongst other things, the existence of SBOL, which stands for synthetic biology open language. As far as I can recall the idea here is to come up with and stick with a shared language and fixed colours e.g. to indicate specific terms!

Another page she was referring to was Geneious: a software which is to me "only" starting at around 100 bucks, compared to the amount of money you might end up paying for a proper CAD modelling programme this seems to be rather affordable in my eyes, no?!

In case you aren't very fond of the exact modelling Helena provided us with Tinkercell: a CAD programme where you can basically draw an image of the components you want and based on that it tells you how it will behave.

Another SB (synthetic biology) tool site which is cloud based and to me looked like some crazy scientist version of a social web platform.

Last but not least a site where to order various components which you need for all this spooky cloud-based SB tinkering!