MAKING_LIFE 2014 - 2015

Making Liposomal Vitamin C
Practical Guide
Adapted from

Ultrasonic bath (if you don't have one, see instructions for...
Participant sessions
The last phase of the workshop (has it really been a workshop? or an event? a meeting? and encounter? a happening?) gives participants...
Protocells - talk
After the hands-on session we continued with a lecture by Martin Hanczyc who’s a Principal Investigator in the Centre for Integrative Biology...
Encapsulation of Bacterial Ecosystems

Helena Shomar and Stephen Fortune

(See below for practical guide)

This practical session featured a novel biotechnological technique for...
Individual presentations

The third day of Making_Life workshop 2 started with individual presentations by some of the workshop participants. The idea was to present...
Artificial extremophilia

Rupert Mutzel

This session involved growing wild type and experimentally evolved Escherichia coli cells at various salt concentrations.

Halophile Cultures

Andy Gracie

Halophiles are organisms that love salt. For example bacteria that flourish in salty conditions. In this practical session ...
Working with anaerobic cultures
Oron Catts

Inoculation: anaerobic bacteria from mouth
- Using blood plates and salt plates to grow bacteria from teeth and gum.
Panspermia or Not
We Are The Only Chance

Our morning started with a interesting and quite in depth lecture by Rupert Mutzel – “Panspermia or Not”

Important to note...
Abiogenesis - Crystal Garden
The last session of the day was our attempt at creating a chemical garden, which is an experiment involving solid metal salts in an aqueous...
Winogradsky Columns
Ramping up physical activity quite dramatically and in a departure from scheduled proceedings, the afternoon was spent constructing Winogradsky...
Moving on from a highly philosophical exploration of life, the principal theory dump we received was courtesy of Markus Schmidt, who has joined our...