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Making Liposomal Vitamin C
posted by sarah on 22 April 2016

Practical Guide

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Ultrasonic bath (if you don't have one, see instructions for alternative)
Thermometre (if you don't have an ultrasonic bath or you do and it doesn't have one built in)
Glass beaker or container fitting in the ultrasonic bath
98% Ethyl alcohol
Vitamin C (such as ascorbic acid)
Lecithin granules


Measure out the amounts of ingredients needed for 1 litre:

477.6 grams of Water
114.8 grams of ethyl alcohol
160.5 grams of vitamin C
197.1 grams of lecithin granules
Lecithin Lecithin

Add the water, alcohol and vitamin C into the beaker
Place the beaker into the ultrasonic bath* (not set to sweep) at 35°C while irradiating, making sure it doesn't touch the sides or bottom
Mix regularly until vitamin C is dissolved, about 15 minutes

* If you don’t have an ultrasonic bath, heat water, alcohol and vitamin C in a pot on the stove, while stirring. Turn off the heat when the vitamin C starts to dissolve, and continue stirring until the vitamin C has totally dissolved, with the option of reintroducing heat if needed to help the dissolving process.

Pour mixture into the blender, followed by the lecithin granules
Blend for aprox. 4 minuteswonderDevice
Your blender mixture should feel warm, indicating the lecithin granules have sufficiently melted, avoiding later separation
Pour out contents of blender and place into the fridge
Vitamin C liposome cocktail Vitamin C liposome cocktail
It is recommended to repeat the process of blending and refrigerating the mixture five or six times over twelve hours, ensuring the lecithin granules are completely dissolved
At this stage you have a good quality liposomal vitamin C, which you may keep in the fridge and enjoy

Looking for liposome bubbles Looking for liposome bubbles
To improve the quality further by removing bubbles, blend the solution until about 35°C and place the solution in the ultrasonic bath, covered, for roughly 30 minutes, then refrigerate for a few hours to cool
To increase the liposomes, place the solution in the ultrasonic bath to irradiate it to around 32°C, then cool it in the refrigerator for an hour or so, and repeat the process, until a total of 1 hour of irradiation has been reached

Note: the resulting solution in this recipe contains about 0.2 grams of vitamin C per millilitre
For more about liposomal vitamin C, see: