MAKING_LIFE 2014 - 2015

Magnetic Bead Kit
posted by sarah on 18 February 2016

After lunch and some sunshine (at least for a few ) we continued this intense day with a talk by Orkan Telhan about the magnetic bead kit!

As a starting point Orkan was pointing out some I assume very basic knowledge - however I was struggling quite a lot in the beginning! It was very good though to hear e.g. why SB (synthetic biology) is different from MB (molecular biology):

  • Abstraction

  • Standardization

  • Scaleability


We were also discussing the use of the term "genes", Orkan was sketching an umbrella like description of the relationship between genes, devices & applications:

He has been working with Synbiota, which acts as a platform to buy e.g. the Genomikon Beta Kit.

With the Genomikon what you can do is basically design your plasmoid in a software, and then implement it in the lab to test it.

So you go from biology to a computational model and back to biology again, but the software part here is not to be understood as an actual simulation. More like a planning tool!