Field_Notes – HYBRID MATTERs
14 — 20 Sep 2015

Kilpisjärvi, Biologocal Station of the University of Helsinki

Field_Notes – HYBRID MATTERs is an art&science field laboratory organized by the Finnish Society of Bioart at the Kilpisjarvi Biological Station in Lapland/Finland.
Five groups, hosted by...
HYBRID_MATTERs exhibition Kunsthal Grenland
19 Mar — 8 May 2016

Porsgrun, Norway

The detritus from human activity has reached such proportions, both in extent and amount, that there is scarcely a single place Earth that is pure and untouched by human alluvia. Describing some...
HYBRID MATTERs exhibition Nikolaj Kunsthal
19 May — 31 Jul 2016


The exhibition investigates current hybrids of biology, technology and art. The exhibition looks at today's brave new world in which genetically modifed plants and animals, artifcial organisms and...
HYBRID MATTERs exhibition Forumbox
24 Nov — 18 Dec 2016

Helsinki, Finland

The exhibition took place at Forum Box with: participating artists: Hanna Husberg FI/SW, Lawrence Malstaf BE/NO, Laura Belof FI/DK, Jonas Jorgenson DK, Kristina Lindstrom SE, Asa Stahl SE,...
24 — 25 Nov 2016

Theatre Academy, Helsinki, Finland

HYBRID MATTERs investigates hybrid ecologies, the convergence of our environment with technology and essentially the intentional and unintentional transformation of our planet through human...
26 Nov 2016

Helsinki, Finland

The workshop is part of the Hybrid_Matters Symposium, and took place at Forumbox Helsinki and was held by Asa Stahl and Kristina Lindstrom. How do we want to live with plastics? New research have...