Field_Notes – The North Escaping

This sixth edition of the Field_Notes field laboratory will be organized in Kilpisjärvi from 17th September to 1st October 2023 under the theme of The North Escaping. More information about the theme and Field_Notes on our website. During Field_Notes – The North Escaping, three groups will venture to the wilderness to experiment, test, gather data, and to speculate and impose questions. Under the guidance of the group hosts – Till Bovermann, Elizabeth McTernan and Erich Berger – the group members approach the theme from specific point of views. You can read more about the groups on our website.

Former Field_Notes participants have described the experience as a habitat in which ideas are planted and new partnerships are nurtured and fermented. Field_Notes is a unique opportunity for artists, scientists and other practitioners to set things in motion through intense fieldwork.

The open call for applications for the Field_Notes – The North Escaping runs until 17th March and the chosen participants will be noted by the beginning of April. Detailed information concerning participation and application are available on the Field_Notes – The North Escaping open call page on our website.


The three groups of the Field_Notes – The North Escaping are Wait and Hear, Andscapes and soft and messy Transtemporal Exploration, and hosted by Till Bovermann, Elizabeth McTernan and Erich Berger. You can find more information of the groups on our website by clicking the 'TNE: Groups' text box above or via the menu on the top of this page.