Field_Notes - EOS 2018

About EOS

The previous edition of Field_Notes HYBRID MATTERs looked into the convergence of our environment with technology and explored the term hybrid ecologies as a thought vehicle to talk about the intentional and unintentional transformation of our planet through human activity.

Ecology of Senses will explore the role of sensing within this convergence: the ways we make sense of the world, how worlds are made through our senses and the changing sense of self which comes along. We expanded our original sensorium considerably with technology. The spectrum is wide: in it we find our own human body senses, but also animal- and bio-sensors we learned to appropriate, chemical and electronic sensors and also the future prospect of a fully quantified computational planet with its first implementations of orbit tracked, networked bird swarms or fully wired forests already being tested. Our excitement into technological sensing possibilities with its reliable production of objectivity has led us to give less value to the human senses or phenomena and environmental indicators around us, considered to be subjective.

During Ecology of Senses we will explore this gap. Our aim is to engage with the inner and outer landscapes, create field experiments, find and establish test sites, set up observatories and excavations. We will breath, smell, taste, touch, listen and walk with open eyes as well as install the sensors brought with us or made on site.

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Image by Till Bovermann