Arc-hive 2021–2022

Project Arc-hive creates an open source digital platform that aggregates, preserves, publishes, distributes and contextualizes a variety of information, knowledge and documentation on art with a focus on biomedia, ensuring open access to a variety of users, and a wide outreach of digital materials across cultural sectors and territories. 

Arc-hive addresses the challenges of creating and distributing cohesive digitization and dissemination protocols through a centralized digital space where knowledge and best practices relevant to art predominantly using biological materials are collected. Created through collaboration of six partners working in NGO and museum sector, publishing, and IT and audio-visual field, the platform as the main project result serves as a catalysation tool for the activities of artwork and museum specimen digitization, archiving and distribution; remote event participation, planning and realization; augmented publishing; staff and student education and training; and topic contextualization and interconnection.

Aimed at building capacities of various cultural agents working with biological and living materials, the project provides a feasible and tailor-made digital solution to some issues fundamental to the field, following philosophical principles of open data and information sharing in all project phases.

Arc-hive is a Creative Europe project led by Cultivamos Cultura with Kersnikova, Hangar, Bioart Society, Kontejner and Rbins Museum as partners.

Bioart Society deliverables for the ARC-HIVE project as downloadable zip files

D3.1Lab workshop case study- view via ARC-HIVE orDOWNLOAD DELIVERABLE D3.11.8 GB

Wet-Lab case study „LIFE LAB“ is an intense 5-day workshop for a trans-disciplinary group of practitioners to critically engage with the socio-cultural, political, and ethical complexities of contemporary life science. The goal is to create the ability for informed cultural responses...