Open Call for art & science works and workshop for Annantalo in 2020
posted by Erich Berger on 8 January 2020

OPEN CALL for art & science works and workshop

Application deadline 14.2.2020

The Bioart Society and Annantalo Art Centre in Helsinki, Finland are launching an open call for existing artworks and a workshop that relate to art & science and art & ecology, for a group exhibition to be held in the Annatalo main gallery space 3.6. - 31.10.2020. The group exhibition is part of the auxiliary program for the Helsinki Biennial 2020.

The exhibition explores that which cannot be perceived by the human senses. The theme can be approached in a multitude of ways: as small, important or invisible; as something imperceptible, as  relationships  and their scope or scale, or as something far-reaching into space or  time, on earth and throughout the universe. The exhibition aims to bring contemporary art for all to experience, especially children and young people, and to perceive changes in the world from the perspective of science and art.

We are looking  for existing artworks of all media and techniques. The work can be eg. visual art, continuous performance, documentary, sculpture, installations etc. Artists should be aware that Annantalo’s primary audiences vary from 0 to 15 years of age, this partially affects, for example, at what level artworks are exhibited.

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