Art and Technoscience Conference

24 — 25 Mar 2010

Kuvataideacademia, Helsinki, Finland

ART AND TECHNOSCIENCE - Practices in transformation, was a two day conference in collaboration with the University of the Arts, Academy of Fine Arts. The conference contextualized the practices of art&science both in the contemporary political atmosphere and the history of contemporary art. The first day focused on the practices in transformation as a result of research-orientation and cross-disciplinarity, characteristic to the field of art&science. The second day looked at the technologies of encounter between human and non-human worlds. The aim was to address the ethical discourse taking place in art practices that examine the interaction between humans and non-humans.

Speakers included professionals from the fields of art and science, including artists, scientists, curators, researchers, academics and administrators.

Speakers included Roy Ascott (artist, theorist, UK), Jill Scott (artist, researcher, AUS/CH), Andy Gracie (artist, UK/ESP), Ingeborg Reichle (art historian, DE), Adam Zaretsky (artist, US), Tuija Kokkonen (director, FI), Terike Haapoja (artist, FI), Pau Alsina (researcher, ESP), Ulla Taipale (curator, FI/ESP), Anu Osva (artist, FI), Erich Berger (artist, coordinator Ars Bioarctica, AUT/FI), Helena Sederholm (head of Department of Art, Aalto University, FI), Laura Beloff (artist, researcher FI), Manu Tamminen (microbiologist, FI), Eija Juurola (forest researcher, FI), Raitis Smits (artist, curator, LV), Jan Kaila (artist, professor, FI), Antti Sajantila (professor, medical doctor, FI).