Conference program
posted by eb on 6 March 2010
Conference program   ART AND TECHNOSCIENCE - Practices in transformation

updated 4.3.2010



Terike Haapoja, Erich Berger

10:15 – 13:00 MORNING SESSION: Research as practice

10:15 MANU TAMMINEN, microbiologist, University of Helsinki

10:30 EIJA JUUROLA, forest researcher, University of Helsinki

10:45 TERIKE HAAPOJA, artist, Phd researcher KuvA: ”On the threshold of experience and knowledge”

11:15 discussion with Tamminen, Juurola and Haapoja

Moderator: NN

11:30 coffee

12:00 KEY NOTE I: ROY ASCOTT, artist, theorist, professor University of Plymouth

12:50 discussion

Moderator: Jan Kaila

13:00 lunch

14-16 AFTERNOON SESSION: Practices in transformation

14:00 ADAM ZARETSKY, artist

14:30 ERICH BERGER, artist, coordinator ArsBioarctica

15:00 ULLA TAIPALE, curator

15:30 discussion 15min

Moderator: Minna Långstöm

15:45 coffee

16:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: Institutional challenges

Antti Sajantila, medical doctor, professor University of Helsinki,

Laura Beloff, artist, researcher

Helena Sederholm, art historian, professor Aalto –University / Taik

Raitis Smits, artist, curator,

Moderator: Erich Berger

16:30 Conclusion: Terike Haapoja

Thursday 25.3. Day 2: TECHNOLOGIES OF ENCOUNTER 10:00-13:00 MORNING SESSION: Technologies of encounter

10:00 ANDY GRACIE, artist

10:30 ANU OSVA, artist

11:00 TUIJA KOKKONEN, director, writer

11:30 discussion 15min

Moderator: Terike Haapoja

11:45 coffee

12:00 KEY NOTE II: JILL SCOTT, artist, researcher, professor Zuerich University of Arts

12:50 discussion

Moderator: Jan Kaila

13:00 lunch

14-16 AFTERNOON SESSION: Unwritten histories and possible realities

14:00 INGEBORG REICHLE, art historian, lecturer Humboldt-Universität Berlin

14:45 discussion

Moderator: Laura Beloff

15:00 coffee

15:15 Conclusion: PAU ALSINA, researcher, lecturere Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

15:45 discussion


18:20 Opening of Pixelache Festival + the “Event Art Exhibition” in Kiasma

17:30 Cronopolitics – III memo of time

performance in Kiasma-Theatre by Tuija Kokkonen & group

RELATED PROGRAM at Pixelache-festival

Friday 26.3 - Sunday 28.3 Herboligies/Foraging Networks

Friday 26.3. 11.00 — 17.00 Camp Pixelache // Kerava Art Museum

17.00 — 19.00 Opening of ‘How to Build a Dishwasher’ + “chmod x+ art” // Kerava Art Museum

Saturday 27.3 17:30-19h Vivoarts workshop with Adam Zaretsky at Kiasma

Sunday 28.3. 16:00 - Heart Chamber Orchestra at Kiasma