Ceramic Scar Tissue - presentation by Christina Stadlbauer
posted by Erich Berger on 3 December 2018

Dear friends and colleagues,

please join us on Wednesday December 12th - 19h at SOLU Space Luotsikatu 13, for the presentation Ceramic Scar Tissue by Christina Stadlbauer with special guest Georg Tremmel from BioClub Tokyo. We will serve Japanese suprises, Christmas snacks and drinks and  you can still see the exhibition about ten years work of the Bioart Society.

From October 7th to November 7th Christina Stadlbauer has been artist in residence at BioClub Tokyo to work on her Ceramic Scar Tissue project. During her time in Tokyo, Christina encountered many aspects of Japanese life style that inspire her work. The findings reach from artisan masters to the incredible department store "Tokyo Hands", from the Japanese respect towards materiality to the mighty Gingko trees, and are accompanied by unfamiliar flavours and aesthetics. Ceramic Scar Tissue is an artistic exploration of Kin Tsugi with living matter. Originally, Kin Tsugi is about repairing broken ceramics by transforming the crack using gold or silver. Intrigued by the philosophy behind the craft, Christina Stadlbauer explores this traditional technique in her art practice and applies the principle to other materials, and also, in a more conceptual way, for mending broken places, communities and situations in every day life.

Georg Tremmel will introduce us to BioClub Tokyo, which is a Bio Community Laboratory, located in the center of Shibuya. The BioClub is kindly hosted by the FabCafe, enabling close collaborations and interactions between the worlds of Fab & Bio. BioClub engages the community by holding weekly public meetings, artist's talks, workshops, academies and artist-in-residencies.

Christina Stadlbauer is a Helsinki based researcher / artist. She is inspired by the interstices of arts and sciences and her work pivots around life- animals, plants, bacteria. She likes to work with the immediate environment, be it the physical space or immaterial contexts, to create situation specific interventions. Amongst the pieces that she created are tangible objects, outdoor public installations, as well as ephemeral interventions and rituals. In the autumn of 2018, she was invited for a research residency to Tokyp around the topic of Kin Tsugi and her project Ceramic Scar Tissue.

Georg Tremmel has a background in Media Art, Biology and Informatics. He has been working on intertwining biological, cultural, ethical and societal codes by creating objects, installations and situations for contestable discussions. Together with Shiho Fukuhara, he founded BCL - an Artistic Research Framework for critically exploring Art & Biotechnology. Georg is a Project Researcher at the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science and a Visiting Researcher at the metaPhorest Art & Biomedia Research Group at Waseda University. Georg founded the BioClub - Tokyo's first Bio Community Laboratory - in 2015.

The residency was hosted by BioClub Tokyo in partnership with the Finnish Institute in Japan with additional supported  by the Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo.