Antti Tenetz selected for the Tokyo & Art Science Research Residency
posted by Milla Millasnoore on 30 August 2023

Our open call for the Tokyo & Art Science Research Residency 2023 received several excellent applications in spring 2023. We want to thank each applicant for their interest in the Tokyo Art & Science Research Residency. The selection committee consisted of members of the BioClub Tokyo, The Finnish Institute in Japan and the Bioart Society. The residency will be hosted by BioClub Tokyo in partnership with the Finnish Institute in Japan.

The selection committee selected visual artist Antti Tenetz for the residency. Tenetz’s works are situated at the interface between media and arts, biological art and urban art. His focus is on multi-disciplinary and multi-artistic cooperation between art and science, and he often uses technologies such as drones, satellite tracking, game engines and machine learning.

During his residency, Tenetz aims to develop slime mold navigation on 3D printed surfaces as well as methods of producing the surfaces by using satellite data, laser scanned and photogrammetry-built environments and landscapes. The underlying idea is to explore symbiotic, other-than-human relationships, in which mycelium receives resources and by growing and communicating can in turn help us humans to navigate towards the unseen future.

“I am very happy and honoured I was selected for the Tokyo Art & Science Research Residency and I am looking forward to ”, Tenetz comments.

Tenetz’s works and cooperation projects have been exhibited in Finland and internationally, including at the Venice Biennale, Manifesta 12, Istanbul Biennale parallel program, Tate Modern Exhcahenge program, Science Gallery Dublin and Lumipalloefekti exhibitions, X-Border, ISEA Istanbul, Pan-Barentz, and e-mobil art. He has also won national snow-sculpting competition.
Tenetz will commence his residency in Novmeber 2023.