The Condition - credits
posted by Laura Beloff on 17 March 2016


-cloned Nordmans fir trees, earth, acrylic, electronics, network, computer, growing lamps - 2016

The Condition installation merges two modes of existence and two different intelligences within non-terrestrial micro-gravity condition. The biologically evolving existence of the cloned fir trees, and artificial intelligence behind the self-organizing rotating system that is fed with data from space weather satellites. It is a speculative model for a future forest consisting of typical Danish Christmas trees.


  • Laura Beloff & Jonas Jørgensen - concept, development, design, hardware, etc.
  • Simon Asger Gjerløv-Christensen - software development
  • Christian Ravn Brems - overall support in various details and aspects


  • Jens Iver Find and El Bihrmann from Copenhagen University’s Tissue Culture Laboratory - for sharing interesting research, advice and cloned trees.
  • Sebastian Risi - for advice and support in software development
  • Jørn Lambertsen - for transport boxes
  • Katrine Lund - for helping hands and overall support
  • Andres Faina - for several good advices
  • Kasper Støy - for sharing ideas and good discussions
  • Frank Veenstra - for helping hands
  • Erich Berger - for helping hands
  • Nordisk Kulturfond
  • IT University Copenhagen
  • Hybrid Matters partner network