HYBRID MATTERs Symposium video documentation
posted by Erich Berger on 7 December 2016

Watch the video documentation of the HYBRID MATTERs Symposium which took place 24th and 25th of November at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

HYBRID MATTERs investigates hybrid ecologies, the convergence of our environment with technology and essentially the intentional and unintentional transformation of our planet through human activity. In a hybrid ecology biological actors like humans, animals and plants share a life-world with machines, networks and increasingly also genetically altered organisms and other post-natural actors. A hybrid ecology is a thought vehicle which enables us to expand our concept of the environment, to re-evaluate our idea of an external nature and to rethink our relationship to the world. As we humans drive this process of hybridization we are part of the biological and technological. HYBRID MATTERs asks how we can address both ends and develop respectful and mutually beneficial forms of co-existence. More information on the symposium, schedule and speakers .