HYBRID MATTERs invite you to participate in plastiglomerate walks in Iceland
posted by Åsa Ståhl on 18 August 2015

In the beginning of August we will go looking for a new geological entity that geologists have called plastiglomerates. You are very welcome to join us for these exploratory walks, where this particular hybrid matter is in focus. Reportedly this new kind of rock that consists of plastics, lava, corrals and more has been found on Iceland. Regardless whether we find any, there will be plenty of time during the walks to discuss and speculate on the matters that emerge when human and natural forces merge. What brings them into being? How can we understand them? Who and what are they a concern to? How could they be used?

The first walk will be held in Reykjavik on Tuesday 4th August 2015.

During Friday 7th and Saturday 8th other walks will be held in the Westfjords. The Friday walk starts at 5 pm at the Samkomuhúsið in Flateyri at 5 pm. Bonfire at about 7 pm along the beach towards the opening of the fjord. Hermann Þorsteinsson from Perlur fjarðarin will guide us on this walk in the Önundarfjörður. On the Saturday the gathering place is at the crossroad to the church in Holt at 10 am. The walk starts from the boat house and then we walk along the white beach out of the Önundarfjörður. Discussions with continuous explorations and speculations around plastiglomerates in the Samkomuhúsið in Flateyri at 1 pm

Everyone who is curious about those hybrid matters are very welcome to join the walks - one or several. Also those who cannot join the walks are cordially invited to take part in the discussion.

If you want to join us: contact asa.stahl@mah.se for further details. You’re also very welcome to write to us if you have stories of plastiglomerates or suggestions of where we should go!

/Kristina Lindström and Åsa Ståhl, artists and researchers, Malmö and Umeå University, Sweden.

The walks are done in collaboration with ArtsIceland.