WhiteFeather Hunter - artist in residency in Ars Bioarctica
posted by Tyska Samborska on 16 May 2018

Ars Bioarctica Residency has a pleasure to host WhiteFeather Hunter as new artists in residency in the Biological Station in Kilpisjarvi. For the next few weeks, she will conduct new researche and exploration of the environment of Lapland.

WhiteFeather Hunter who is a Canadian artist/researcher, educator, consultant and writer currently based in Montreal will work on ‘UR’ project which explore urine fermentation processing of lichen species and its association with textile dyeing.

As she writes ‘Urine fermentation of lichen in textile dyeing is worthy of contemplation as an act of cultural resistance. These methods fall within ethical resource production, linked to ecological perspectives on labour. Indigenous across global subarctic communities, this craft may become lost due to cultural assimilation and environmental degradation. ‘ During the residency, WhiteFeather will also try to engage with Sàmi people to understand how does sustainable use of lichen connote environmental integrity in Sàmi regions, and how might this resist colonialism. She will conduct interviews, include mapping and utilize practical information for her own lab tests. She is also interested in a scientific understanding of biochemical processes of urine aging and pigment extraction.  as well as in an interaction of ammoniacal conversion that draws pigment proteins from the lichen. And finally, does scientific knowledge reflect traditional knowledge?

WhiteFeather has been professionally engaged in a craft-based (bio)art practice for over 18 years, via an ongoing material investigation of the functional, aesthetic and technological potential of bodily materials. Her works coalesce various media approaches, such as textile methods, biology, storytelling (video, audio and text), performance, public intervention, digital + web-based installations and DIY electronics.

More about WhiteFeather Hunter and her projects you can read on her website: www.whitefeatherhunter.com