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Random Forests Group - artists in residency in Ars Bioarctica
posted by Tyska Samborska on 16 May 2018

Ars Bioarctica Residency is currently hosting Random Forests Group which will work on their project until next week. Random Forest Group is a collective composed by artists and researchers Antti Tenetz, Ian Ingram and Theun Karelse - people with a landscape practice that is rooted in in-situ experimentation and prototyping.

It’s a second Random Forests’ fieldwork session at the Kilpisjarvi Biological Research Station and during this residency, they explore the role of AI in artistic and scientific fieldwork.

The dominant questions that artists are working with concern technology and its relation to wild systems - central aspect of health and future development of society.

Can AI function as an intermediate in environmental investigation? As a mercurial companion, an interspecies informant, an environmental messenger, a climatic guide guide, ghost or even mentor?

During the stay in Kilpisjarvi, Random Forests investigate the emerging field of Environmental Machine Learning through fieldwork and critical reflection.

EML is a project showing the machines’ ability of relating to the environment which until very recently, was limited to plants and animals. Some first applications for machine learning are being already developed by ecologists as a way to address heterogeneity issues in their data, or to harvest wildlife sightings from the web by identifying species in pixels and sound-files. However, Environmental Machine Learning aims to take a less task oriented view. It explores the meaning of appearance of machine learning in biodiverse environments and its eventual connection with animals and plants on more equal levels of awareness.

To discover more about Random Forests Group and their projects, please check the website: http://randomforests.nl

you can also watch the video made by RFG during their previous Ars Bioarctica Residency: https://vimeo.com/174007928