Apply for the ARS Bioarctica Residency
Application deadline 31 December, 2017
Standard kilpis mix

Application procedure

Apply with the online application form below and include a CV and work plan

Application deadline December 31st 2016


Travel to and within Finland to Kilpisjärvi have to be covered by the applicant as well as the accommodation at the Station. The Finnish Society of Bioart will assist with the funding process if possible but at least with providing a letter of invitation of the application was selected.

Travel: Depending on the season and means of transportation the costs to travel from Helsinki vary significantly from 150 EURO to 350 EURO.

Accommodation: until now the accommodation costs have been 13 EURO per night. New price regulations discussed during November will see an increase in costs. We will publish the new prices as soon as we know.


The evaluation of the applications emphasizes the quality of the proposal, its interaction of art&science, its artistic and scientific significance, the projects relation to the thematics of Ars Bioarctica and its feasibility to be carried out at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in the given time.


In case of questions please contact Piritta Puhto

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