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    HYBRID MATTERs is a two year Nordic art&science network program which investigates the convergence of the physical and digital world into a hybrid ecology.

    The Nordic Network is headed by Finnish Society of Bioart together with ITU Copenhagen, Malmö University, Kunsthall Grenland, Forum Box and Nikolaj Kunsthal.




    Anything which has a physical and digital or technological aspect at the same time is hybrid matter, like people with smartphones, animals with a geolocation transponder, networked sensors, genetically altered organisms or bottles where a website is printed as part of the label. The hybrid element matters because we are not talking about exceptions but about our everyday life.

    “‘Hybrid Matters’ promises to use art in a fascinating way in order to explore current and future digital developments and show how the relationship between humankind, nature and the environment changes as our physical/organic reality and the virtual merge together ever more completely.” (From the adjudication committee statement)

    The digital world is increasingly converging with the physical world, and has become an essential part of our everyday life and environment in various levels. Currently this is mostly seen in human communication, and to some extent for management, and control of machines. But in the recent years we have also witnessed the first experiments in the merger of organic matter and technology, including the field of the arts

    The term “hybrid ecology” refers to the interaction and merger between the digital and the living and physical. Hybrid ecology consists of established actors, such as physical spaces, humans, animals, plants, biological processes, and human introduced actors, including virtual spaces, software, networked robots, enhanced humans, genetically transformed organisms, synthetic biological organisms or human designed processes.

    The aim of the Hybrid Matters program is to investigate and explore how digital technologies can create new models of communication and form new kinds of connections between the various actors in “hybrid ecology”.

    HYBRID MATTERs was selected by the Nordic Culture Fund as Nordic Cultural Event of the Year: DIGITAL 2015-16