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    Posted on May 9th, 2014 eb
    The Finnish Society of Bioart invites you to participate in a workshop about Bio-Commons in the framework of Camp Pixelache 2014 from 6th-8th June 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.


    Gene Gun Hack - Rüdiger Trojok - photo credit: Martin Malthe Borch

    The Commons consist of any common resource that is available to all, and as such there are many type of Commons but basically two: physical resources or man-made. A plenitude of licensing modes has been developed in the past and were especially successful in the digital world. Despite the obvious success, there exists no similar licensing model for the life sciences. In prospect of the vast amounts of knowledge and inventions to be awaited it is a good time to bring our experience and expertise together to initiate an in depth discussion on the subject of Bio-Commons. The questions to ask and answer lie at the intersection of law and scientific theory and practice. At the same time we have to consider amongst others, ethical, societal and economic needs and challenges concerning life sciences. The aim of the Bio-Commons workshop is to initiate this discussion and identify the requirements and conditions for an open and collaborative approach towards Life Sciences.


    A keynote by Markus Schmidt will commence the Bio-Commons workshop:
    Markus Schmidt will walk us through the theme of the Bio-Commons, presenting various initiatives aiming at creating a more open source environment in the biotech area, the Nagoya Protocol as a means to internationally regulate the use and conservation of genetic resources. He draws parallels from the printer movement to biotechnology, with DIY-Bio spearheading the movement to go beyond the producer-consumer divide.


    An information package on the subject is being prepared and will be downloadable here:
    http://bioartsociety.fi/bio-commons.zip – available from 22nd of Mai
    Specify the agenda for the workshop by commenting on this piratepad:
    For content questions / contributions please contact
    Rüdiger Trojok trojok@openbioprojects.net


    Travel information:
    Camp Pixelache will be held on the island of Vartiosaari in front of Helsinki. There will be a ferry from the city and the possibility to  stay in tents on the island. For information about Camp Pixelache 2014 and how to get there please contact: Nathalie Aubret office@pixelache.ac . More information about Camp Pixelache 2014:


    Bio-Commons  is organized by the Finnish Society of Bioart with Rüdiger Trojok in  collaboration with Camp Pixelache 2014 Helsinki. Bio-Commons is supported by SYNENERGENE, funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the  European Union.